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Show Shout-Outs 2017

Here's some nice things that real students have said about real professors.

Shout-out to: Interlibrary Loan Staff

From:Joseph Jarret

The UT Libraries, Interlibrary Loan (ILL) staff is a wonder. They courteously, professionally, and tirelessly pursue and obtain items that are not readily available locally. Their assistance has been invaluable in my research as well as efforts to provide fresh, and at times novel or unique materials to my students.

Shout-out to: Ronald E. Taylor

From:Mirjana Pantic

Dr. Taylor is one of the best professors I have ever had. He is an exceptionally knowledgeable scholar who makes classroom learning an amazing experience. Dr. Taylor helped me gain theoretical knowledge and learn how to incorporate theory in my research. Furthermore, I feel that he can easily detect students’ research philosophy and encourage them to pursue it. He reminded me how much I enjoy examining the work of the Frankfurt School philosophers and helped me situate myself in research. Dr. Taylor has had such a positive impact on my professional and personal development and I am grateful for having him as a professor.

Shout-out to: Candace White

From:Mirjana Pantic

I feel like I could write a novel about Dr. White. She is outstanding in teaching and research, providing students with knowledge they can utilize both in and out of class. With an extraordinary international experience, she will expand your horizons by sharing valuable lectures about cultural patterns in different parts. She reminded me how much I love studying intercultural communication. Dr. White is sharp-minded, witty, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable professor - the one every student wish to have.

Shout-out to: Catherine Luther

From:Mirjana Pantic

Dr. Luther has had an impact on my PhD agenda from the very beginning, encouraging me to fully utilize my potential. She is truly committed to students, as she is always ready to give an advice and have a conversation. Dr. Luther is acquainted with each stage of my professional and personal progress. Having a professor who will be there to support you every step of the way is crucial for a PhD student.

Shout-out to: Erin Whiteside

From:Mirjana Pantic

Dr. Whiteside is an exceptional professor and adviser. She has provided constant support, encouragement and guidance, which helped me become confident in pursuing my academic goals. Dr. Whiteside has motivated me to implement my ideas, allowing me to fully express myself as a scholar. She has guided me through my doctoral program, making me learn not only how to conduct research, but also of the importance of developing healthy and positive relationships. I hope that I will be able to develop such relationships with my advisees in the future.

Shout-out to: Chris Cherry

From:Mojdeh Azad

I owe many thanks to Dr. Cherry, who has been my advisor, teacher, and friend through my journey at UT. He has always been compassionate and encouraging, as well as insightful and critical, and I am honored to have the opportunity to explore and study a topic of my interest under his guidance and support. He has always been an inspiration to me in and out of the classroom, I have been privileged to have him as my advisor.

Shout-out to: Benjamin Compton

From:Anonymous Anonymous

Dr. Compton is the epitome of classy. He is respectful of all his students and is passionate about what he does- and he isn't afraid to show it! He made his lectures very intriguing with a variety of things, but I remember in particular the practical, real world examples he used to explain everything. All in all, a fantastic professor.

Shout-out to: Lisa Parker

From:Savannah Dixon

Thank you, Dr. Parker, for your encouragement, excitement and pride for teaching and your students. You have perfected the middle ground between challenging and nurturing, and I will always remember and appreciate your teaching and care for my and so many others education.

Shout-out to: Michael O. Smith

From:Courtney (Hancock) Newsome

Dr. Smith made my 4 years at UT the best 4 years of my life. He has consistently gone above and beyond by being very involved in my academic career, making sure I was making good personal decisions, redirecting me when necessary, and even writing my letter of recommendation for graduate school. I graduated from CASNR in 2007 and I continue to keep in contact with him.

Shout-out to: Dr. Monica Black

From:Jasmine Blue

When I registered for Dr. Black's class, I could not anticipate the effect it or she would have on me! Throughout the course of the class, my appreciation for history deepened and I learned invaluable lessons about acting in the present by looking at the world though the past. She is an excellent faculty member and goes above and beyond to make sure that her students learn, grow, and stay engaged.

Shout-out to: Emily Paskewitz

From:Gabrielle Wineberger

I have never had an instructor who is as awesome as DR.P. I had her for 2 classes last semester, and she was amazing! Not only is she super sweet, and understanding, but she always made class fun, and is always there to help when you need her! She made a class that I though I would absolutely hate into a class I absolutely loved to be in.

Shout-out to: Ted Brown

From:Elizabeth Bowman

There was never a dull moment in Dr. Brown's class. I had him for two semesters in Constitutional Law and he helped reaffirm that that was the career path I wanted to follow. He's an inspiration and full of wise knowledge. Thank you, Dr. Brown!

Shout-out to: Melanie Faizer

From:Anonymous Student Mrs

Mrs.Faizer goes above & beyond to make her students have a better understanding of the journalism world with the way she teaches her students. She comes up with great ways that are fun to make her students learn the material. Thanks Mrs. Faizer for all the work you do .

Shout-out to: Rachel Patton McCord

From:Rosela Golloshi

Thank you for all the hard work and the time you invest on us everyday. You have taught me so much and I can't wait to learn more from you! Your passion and dedication for science is so inspiring. I couldn't have chosen a better mentor! Ps. Together with my knowledge, my hair has grown so much more since i joined the lab. It must be a Dr. McCord effect! You are amazing and I wish I could become half of the scientist you are! Thank you!

Shout-out to: Alexandre Medeiros Rodrigues

From:Charissa Thompson

Dr. Rodrigues is a very kind professor. He provides a safe environment where the students feel welcomed to ask questions. He has the ability to make seemingly complex information relevant and interesting. You can tell he is dedicated to his role in our education and cares about his students.

Shout-out to: Terry Ishitani

From:Lee Flood

Dr. Ishitani has a way of making difficult statistical concepts make sense. I appreciate how he grounds conceptual and theoretical issues in the practical work of applied researchers and his willingness to make sure students "get it". Additionally, his sense of humor and lighthearted nature make interactions with him both inside and outside of class enjoyable!

Shout-out to: Melinda Gibbons

Thank you for your support. Also for your attention to detail and quality. You make our work better.

Shout-out to: Andy Sarles

From:Nima Tamaddoni

Awesome personality
Most hardworking and disciplined
Incredibly supportive
Great integrity
Knowledgeable and smart

We appreciate you!

Shout-out to: Gerard Cohen-Vrignaud

From:Sophia Shelton

In the classes I've had with him Dr. CV has made me a better writer, pushed me to develop my ideas and encouraged my research interests. I'm a little loopy right now from being sick but all true. Thank you for making me feel I made the right choice for myself & my future by changing my major to English! From sophia

Shout-out to: Tracy Moir-McClean

From:Elizabeth Ott

Tracy was genuinely excited to teach us about new ways of thinking architecture. She pushed me beyond my creative box and I genuinely think that she curated the best designer out of me. I thank her for her great feedback and attention to my development as an architect, but also for creating a genuinely great studio environment.

Shout-out to: Dr. Peiling Wang

From:Abby Wintker

Dr. Wang is such a supportive instructor. She is SO generous with her time and experience. She is ever-reassuring that we are capable-- both of grasping the complexities of research practice, and of succeeding in our sometimes overwhelmingly interdisciplinary field.

Shout-out to: Dr. Dania Bilal

From:Abby Burris

Dr. Bilal is DEDICATED to her students. It is an honor to work with a researcher as well-known and respected as Dania Bilal. She is an inspiration to her advisees!

Shout-out to: Jennifer Morrow

You are wicked funny

Shout-out to: Laura Wheat

Your feedback and support is always appreciated. Thank you for being intentional and not wasteful with words.

Shout-out to: Melinda Gibbons

You are understanding and supportive. Thank you.

Shout-out to: Jennifer Resendes

From:Brandon Jackson

She is always welcoming of all her students. She encourages a group friendly atmosphere in her classes. Knowing many people in the class makes it, especially for me, more comfortable answering or asking questions. After class, she is always willing to meet with students whenever possible. Even if she does not have office hours, when possible she will set up an appointment with us. She is extremely knowledgeable about Brazil and Portuguese. She does not come off condescending when telling students they are wrong. Instead she will work with him or her and show the correct way of answering. If the structure is off or the word was not enunciated properly, she will let you know you are close and ways to practice or remember for next time. She is by far one of my favorite professors.

Shout-out to: Ulli Sczesni

From:anonymous anonymous

Ms.Sczesni is not only hilarious but so well spoken and compassionate to her students. She clearly cares about each individual student's growth in the classroom. Danke for your hard work, Ms. Sczesni! Your class is a joy.

Shout-out to: Shawn Spurgeon

From:Anonymous Anonymous

Dr. Spurgeon is your cheerleader and advocate. He inspires you to believe in yourself and helps you to achieve things that you thought it was not possible. He is always on your side.

Shout-out to: Elizabth Layman

From:Levi Conrad

Elizabeth Layman made me feel welcome and encouraged me to be he best English student I could be during my first semester at UT. She went above in beyond in explaining difficult concepts and helping me improve my paper writing skills through conferences and inviting students to her office hours. She brought my writing level from high school level to college level, and that has and will continue to, help me in every facet of my college career.

Shout-out to: Tessa Burch-Smith

From:Jessica Fernandez

Great mentor with infectious energy! She really knows how to get her students going and motivated.

Shout-out to: Srinivasan Mahadevan

From:Haleigh Collier

Rajan is such a caring professor, he really puts in the time and effort it takes with each student and is readily available if anyone has any questions. He is constantly working in the library on all of his classes and puts his heart and soul into his teaching.

Shout-out to: Joel Diambra

You really listen to the needs of your students and faculty. We see this and appreciate this.

Shout-out to: Nathalia Wright

From:Donald Kay

A distinguished American Literature Scholar.

Shout-out to: Jessica Adkins

From:Kelsey Boyle

Jessica was a great mentor for the Pre-k to 3 interns. She had great experience in our field and was able to guide us in such a personal way! I have been out of the program for four years now and I know I can still talk to her for guidance. Jessica cared so much for her interns and worked so hard to make us the best teachers. Jessica always gave compliments, but always challenged us to be the best we could be. I learned so much from her!

Shout-out to: Karen Lloyd

From:Joy Buongiorno

Dr. Lloyd is an amazing example of a strong women in STEM. She always encourages her students to gun for the top and to aspire to be positive influences on the world. Her commitment to her students' success is evident in her desire to make one-on-one connections with them, always making sure that they are enjoying what they're doing and providing new and exciting opportunities for them during their time at UT. She serves as the template for what I want to be when I'm done with my degree: imaginative, outspoken, and hard-working.

Shout-out to: Louis Rocconi

From:Sarah Nadel

Dr. Rocconi,
Thank you for always being an uplifting and positive spirit in the ESM program. I appreciate your dedication to your students that you have shown in your first year here with us. I also appreciate your willingness to listen when students are struggling in your classes (multi-level modeling) and ensuring that we progress the way we should. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. I look forward to the opportunities to continue collaborating with you!!!

Shout-out to: Lauren Moret

From:Sarah Nadel

Dr. Moret,
Thank you for always taking the time to discuss concerns regarding research, projects, and even our outside life with us when we are struggling. For someone who started out as a purely quantitative person, you have shown me the value of qualitative data through your teachings and excitement for the topic. I appreciate all the growth I have shown because of your guidance. I look forward to working with you more and more on spreading the love for qualitative methods!

Shout-out to: Gary Skolits

From:Sarah Nadel

Dr. Skolits,
Thank you for always lending a listening ear and be willing to assist your students in their path to their Doctoral degree. You are a HUGE asset to the ESM program and I don't know how I'd survive without your kindness, knowledge, and appreciation towards the work we do. Thank you a million times!

Shout-out to: Lindsey Wainwright

From:Joe Jarret

I would like to thank and commend Lindsey Wainwright, Coordinator of Academic Programs, McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture, for the courteous, enthusiastic, and professional manner in which she introduces students to the wonders of the museum as well as the research resources available to them.

Shout-out to: All UT Faculty

From:Don Eisenberg

Many alumni I meet with will talk about one or two professors who took the time to help them understand, or involved them in a lab or project, or pushed them beyond their comfort zone to excel- and it changed their life. Thank you to each faculty member for going above and beyond, investing in students' lives at the University of Tennessee. Please know that your efforts will yield dividends far beyond what you will ever know. Thanks for all of your time and efforts to make a difference at UT- we certainly do appreciate you!

Shout-out to: Rajan Mahadevan

From:Courtney Farley

I have Rajan for the third semester now and its very easy to write about him. I see stars in Rajan's eyes when he works with his students. I can tell he loves his job, his field and his students, and his actions easily reflect that.

The key thing about Rajan is how he bridges a connection with us. Rajan communicates with his students in a way that is really open and clearly thoughtful. His relaxed, humorous and optimsitic personality creates an environment where one can certainly feel like he or she can really do something. His communication style promotes comfort and confidence, leading to a stronger desire for learning, to stronger academic endeavors/discussions. I have gotten a lot more excited about psychology and research and it has influenced my vision of my future. Not only that, but the way he actively works to connect with us at our level, looking at us as equals with potential - it nourishes a genuine human connection that can be hard to find. He concerns himself with what might be happening in our lives and would do what he could to help us. We are not just mere students in his classroom, I always feel that my ideas and questions are valued no matter how silly they might be! I love cognitive science and Raj =)

Shout-out to: Jennifer Morrow

From:Sarah Nadel

Dr. Morrow,
Thank you for always going above and beyond to give your ESM students and all students you teach and work with the opportunity to grow and develop into strong and successful Doctoral students. You are the reason so many of us have the opportunities and the success we do. So when someone asks you if you've helped your students on their educational path, no need to say "it depends" because the answer will always be "Yes!" Thank you for everything you do and continue to do.

Shout-out to: Laura Wheat

From:Nancy Thacker

Thank you for being a consistent model of inclusivity, care, and passion for your students and the counseling field. You push us to be the very best we can be and support us along the way. We appreciate you!!

Shout-out to: Dr. Kathy Fitzgerald

From:Andrea Colyer

Dr. Fitzgerald goes above and beyond for the 2016-2017 PreK-K cohort of student teachers every day by helping is better our craft as well as build our confidence! I am so thankful to have had her as a mentor over the past few years

Shout-out to: Mistie Anderson

From:Katherine Johnson

Dr. Anderson is so passionate about the subjects that she teaches that it radiates through her lectures. She makes the most mundane of tasks seem interesting (like writing a blog post or reading a very dense and difficult text). She is committed to the success of her students and seems like she takes it very personally. She is always so friendly when met outside of class, and is just an all around very pleasant person to be around.

Shout-out to: LaVinia Jennings

From:Katherine Johnson

Dr. Jennings is a very passionate professor. She is so invested in the success of her students and takes their performance personally. When you meet with her one on one, she tunes out the entire rest of the world and completely focus on what your need and making you a better writer and student. She has been my favorite professor in my college career.

Shout-out to: Robin Nicks


Dr. Nicks has been a mentor to me since my very first day at UT. Here we are 4 years later, and I still love being able to work and interact with her. Not only is she a brilliant professor, but she is also kind and genuine human being! I can't imagine my experience at UT without her! Thank you Dr. Nicks for always being the helping hand and friendly smile that is always there when I need it!

Shout-out to: Sambuddha Ghatak

From:Jake Tidwell

Sam makes class interesting, fun, and enjoyable! I may not have had a great number of professors so far, but he is by far my favorite! He engages the class and encourages us to debate in a civil manner, which is something we should all experience. I would definitely encourage anyone who hasn't had him yet to take him! Thanks Sam!

Shout-out to: Andy Pulte

From:Alice Kimbrell

Dr. Pulte gets his students excited about one of the coolest things in life - plants!! He makes class fun, interesting, and goes above and beyond to connect his students with opportunites to gain hands on experience within the plant world! Thanks Dr. Pulte!!

Shout-out to: Katherine Ambroziak

From:Kathryn Lamb

Katherine's approach when teaching is adaptive, for better use of the word. She pushes your thinking and design abilities almost to the breaking point, but as you look retrospectively, as a student, we realize how we adapted to new approaches of design, and how we will forever remember specific techniques taught by Mrs. Ambroziak. Yet, as we progress in our studies from her, she learns from us as well, creating a great and open dialogue between student and professor, and forever progressing the idea of learning and improving throughout the college.