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Show Shout-Outs 2016

Here's some nice things that real students have said about real professors.

Shout-out to: Laurent Zunino

Monsieur Zunino really makes the effort to help us learn French, and cares that we get involved in class and out. He's great!

Shout-out to: Steven Moore

From: Will Jarvis

Excellent teacher, even better person. Definitely the Patrick Ewing of Calculus teachers. Wish we had more like him.

Shout-out to: Steven Moore

From: William Crawford

Always willing to help our class learn in new and inventive ways!

Shout-out to: Steven Moore

From: Nathaniel Kozlowski

He cares about is constantly and will explain a concept throughouy. Actually wants us to succeed. No better math teacher on campus.

Shout-out to: Steven Moore

From: Jonathan Ervin

One of the most interesting professors I've ever met. He goes the extra mile to make sure we succeed and most importantly learn.

Shout-out to: Stephen Moore

From: Mark McQueen

He makes sure everyone understands the math and never makes students feel stupid

Shout-out to: Steven Moore

Awesome math teacher!!! Cares about his students!

Shout-out to: Steve Moore

Always helpful. Best math teacher and cares about his students!

Shout-out to: Nitin Jain

From: Hayley Baldwin

I'm so happy that I finally get the chance to express my appreciation for the best professor/advisor I've ever known, Dr. Nitin Jain. He has gone out of his way MULTIPLE times to help me in many situations. Way more times than I ever deserve. I can't put into words how forever grateful I am for all the help and opportunities he's given me. Yes, his BCMB 401 class was THE hardest class ever, but he really and truly cares about his students and their learning. Those kinds of professors are hard to come by (at least to me). Not only can I say that he's the best advisor/professor, but now, after working with him in his lab for a few weeks, I see him as a friend. Basically, Dr. Jain is the best!

Shout-out to: Nitin Jain

From: Hayley Baldwin

I'm so happy that I finally get the chance to express my appreciation for the best professor/advisor I've ever known, Dr. Nitin Jain. He has gone out of his way MULTIPLE times to help me in many situations. Way more times than I ever deserve. I can't put into words how forever grateful I am for all the help and opportunities he's given me. Yes, his BCMB 401 class was THE hardest class ever, but he really and truly cares about his students and their learning. Those kinds of professors are hard to come by (at least to me). Not only can I say that he's the best advisor/professor, but now, after working with him in his lab for a few weeks, I see him as a friend. Basically, Dr. Jain is the best!

Shout-out to: Tony Mezzacappa

From: Tony Perez

Dr. Mezzacappa is among the few professors I've had that who has gone above and beyond as an educator. His sincere dedication to teaching has not only taught me much but also rekindled my desire to learn more about and appreciate the beauty of our field, physics. Thank you, Dr. Mezzacappa!

Shout-out to: Kirsten Benson

From: Emily Cope

Kirsten is the absolute best thing that ever could have happened to me. I would not be where I am without her.

Shout-out to: Euridice Silva

Thank you for making Portuguese such an enjoyable class!! We can tell that you love to teach!!

Shout-out to: Megumu Burress

Thanks for always answering even my dumbest of questions. I really enjoy being a student in your class. Your cheerful attitude really helps me get through what I believe to be a difficult course.
Much appreciated!

Shout-out to: Kelly Stevenson

From: Shemeka Cherry-Jackson

Kelly is an advocate for the social work students in her caseload. She goes the extra-mile to make sure that we have a well-rounded learning experience.

Shout-out to: Stan Bowie

From: Shemeka Cherry-Jackson

I looked forward to his class. His teaching style is inspiring, practical and engaging. He prepares social work students to succeed in the profession.

Shout-out to: Dr. Stan Bowie

From: Ayat Nashwan

Dr. Bowie is great example of the professor who is highly qualified and have passion to his work.. He is such a great teacher and mentor and he respects his students in such a unique way ... His dedication is greatly appreciated and he always so supportive and kind !!

Shout-out to: Rajan Mahadevan

From: Brandon Knight

Rajan is just an amazing person and professor all the way around. I have taken three courses with him so far. During my time at the University of Tennessee, Rajan has dedicated additional time, effort, and attention to his courses and students. I speak of this from a personal perspective as he has been a guiding light for me as my intellectual curiosities have unfolded. Rajan never hesitates to discuss topics in great detail or to elaborate on issues in order to help his students have a more holistic perspective and understanding. He's always available at a moments notice and he makes sure that each of his students receives unique educational experience. He's not just a professor, but is truly a mentor. Taking courses with Rajan has been my favorite experience while at the University of Tennessee and I look forward to continue working with him in the future.

Shout-out to: Abbey Levenshus

From: Ashley Walker

Last semester I was panicking because my classes had been changed and I thought I would not be able to graduate in the spring. Dr. Levenshus not only quickly responded to my frantic emails, but she also called me and talked me through what my options were to keep my minor and graduate on time. After that, she helped me get into a class that could substitute for my missing business class. Dr. Levenshus, would do this for any of her students because she cares about us.

Shout-out to: Bonnie Ownley

From: Carl Yoder

She is very eager to answer questions and gives detailed and insightful answers. She's eager to help any way she can. For example, once, I was trying to find a working card reader to read an SD card from the camera in her lab. She allowed me to use her personal card reader because a working one couldn't be found.

Shout-out to: David Butler

From: Carl Yoder

He doesn't just wait on me to report to him on my research project. He stops by to see how things are going. Also, he's always positive and hopeful even when things don't go the way we had planned.

Shout-out to: Andrew McCarthy

From: Cecilia McKinley

He recognizes his students as real people with possibly intriguing ideas and encourages us to analyze our own beliefs. Also, he is quite hilarious.

Shout-out to: Douja Mamelouk

From: N P

I could talk about her behavior, the way she makes her students believe in themselves and how she clearly cares about their future. However, I would rather emphasize on her teaching and on the way she incorporates (foreign) culture(s) in literature to make students go beyond usual analytical tools to approach a text/language so to give them a better understanding of it. I really enjoy the possibility of debating and exchanging ideas: even though she disagrees with you, she will let you speak your mind and respect your opinion as long as you can support it. Teaching is clearly not a job but a passion to her.

Shout-out to: Marlys Staudt

Dr. Staudt is so intelligent and insightful- she makes what could be a boring research-oriented class into an engaging and interesting learning opportunity. She is such an understanding person, and she is committed to helping students become the best social work practitioners they can be.

Shout-out to: Shandra Forrest-Bank

Shandra is so kind and caring. She was a great professor and always presented material in a clear, compelling way. She welcomed student questions and feedback throughout the semester, and was really invested in wanting us to have the best possible classroom experience. I learned so much from Shandra- it was awesome to learn about social work practice from such a compassionate person!

Shout-out to: Andrew Skoog

From: Michelle Fratus

Mr. Skoog, affectionately Skoooooog, always treated me with respect, but more importantly, I often saw how genuinely he reached out to and respected everyone. He doesn't just say hello to custodial workers, he calls them by name and asks them how they and their families are doing. He gets to know people's stories and cares enough to remember them.

Shout-out to: Abbey Levenshus

From: Kate Theobald

Abbey Levenshus goes the extra mile with EVERYTHING she does. I have had the great pleasure of having her as an instructor for two courses now, and she is absolutely incredible. She's a fantastic teacher - she holds us accountable for producing great work and recognizes potential in everyone. She's very sensitive to everyone's needs and adapts the class to fit us. She is also the PRSSA advisor, and I am the secretary for PRSSA. She (along with Dr. Maureen Taylor) organized for me and four other PRSSA officers to go represent the university at PRSSA National Conference back in November. She has done nothing but help advance our personal, professional and educational goals. She's the most caring teacher I know with a true passion for her students. I've heard multiple kind regards from other teachers about her and countless comments from students about how much they love her. Abbey Levenshus deserves the world! We love her.

Shout-out to: Department of Public Health Faculty Dr. Paul Erwin; Dr. Cristina Barroso; Dr. Laurie Meschke; Dr. Clea McNeely; Dr. Kathy Brown; Dr. Samantha Ehrlich; Dr. Jennifer Jabson; Dr. J. Chen

From: Debbie Butenko

Webster defines "appreciation" as a feeling of being grateful for something;; an ability to understand the worth, quality, or importance of something. I am grateful on a daily basis, for having the good fortune to work with such AMAZING faculty. Thank you ALL so much for your hard work, dedication to your profession, and to your mentoring of the students who come to our department. A+

Shout-out to: Malissa Peery

From: Matt Hyden

The University of Tennessee is very fortunate to have a professor like Malissa Peery. Ms. Peery consistently goes to infinity and beyond to help her students succeed. Ms. Peery is fair and treats all students equally. Ms. Peery is in step and on point. She is all about that base, about that base, what power? Ms. Perry thank you for being such a positive mentor to me during my time at UT!

Shout-out to: Dr. Lauren Cunningham

From: Gabrielle Yates

I took Dr. Cunningham last semester for my audit course and I absolutely enjoyed the course structure and all of the relevant information related to the field of accounting that's not in the textbooks. She truly took teaching the subject to the next level, thanks for such a great semester!

Shout-out to: Dr. Randy Bradley

From: Gabrielle Yates

Thanks for welcoming your students to ask for advice outside of the classroom and for your continued support and dedication to diversity within the Haslam College of Business! We really appreciate it!

Shout-out to: Ragan Schriver

From: Khadijah Roller

Father Ragan, Thank you so very much!
You are a shining light and you bring joy and fun to your classes.

Shout-out to: Dr. Stan Bowie

From: Khadijah Roller

Thank you for always challenging your students to always go the extra mile, fostering confidence in your class, and preparing us for Greatness. You are a great professor and social work role model. Thank you!

Shout-out to: Sra. Toya Handelsman

She is awesome!!!!!! She does not only teach well, but she cares about her students too.

Shout-out to: Anne Snellen

From: Ali Alghamdi

Dr. Snellen is one of the rare faculties who thinks that her job is not teaching and go. She is interested in her students. I feel like she invests in her students so they can go and fly around the world with the knowledge that they got from her.
Thank you Dr. Snellen for every second we spent with you and learn from you.

Shout-out to: Donna Bueckman

From: Joseph Bailey

Dr. Bueckman always comes to class with a positive attitude and ensures that we understand the material fully. If we do not understand she will try to explain in another way and always asks if we have any questions for clarification. She demonstrates a true passion for economics and ensures the content is relatable. Looking forward to the rest of the semester, thank you Dr. Bueckman.

Shout-out to: Malissa Peery

From: Joseph Bailey

Ms. Peery is always willing to help. She is patient, positive, and makes things easier to understand. She wants her students to be successful and the format for her class helps us do just that. Thank you for everything Ms. Peery, so grateful to have an educator as invested as you.

Shout-out to: Megumi Burress

From: Justin Crawford

Burress Sensei has been my teacher for two semesters now and her course has to be my favorite. Given that Japanese is a tough course to be enrolled in, Sensei makes sure to not only provide such amazing lessons, but in a way that is easier for us to learn and enjoy. I thank this awesome professor for making a challenging class *not so challenging* ­čÖé

Domo Arigato Burress Sensei!

Shout-out to: Heather Bass

From: Michael Curtis Jr.

She presented the lesson material in an entertaining, yet professional, manner enabling students to relate and enjoy learning Chemistry 110. She is always available and expects every student to do well. Although she challenges the students, Dr. Bass is always sure she fully explains herself and adjust her teaching style to that of the students. Nonetheless, Heather always has a smile on her face and is always full of energy!

Shout-out to: Elizabeth Strand

From: Kim Barrington

Dr. Strand is such a busy lady and, yet, she makes time for her students and shows genuine concern for their well being. Thank you.

Shout-out to: Sunha Choi

From: Kim Barrington

Dr. Choi is such an understanding lady and professor. She takes the extra time to ensure her students understand the material. Thank you Dr. Choi.

Shout-out to: Lisa Mason

Dr. Mason is an amazing professor. She is passionate about what she teaches, and she invests so much in her students. I always appreciated her dedication to student learning and her efforts to engage each student in class to be a part of the discussion. Dr. Mason is so kind and approachable; she is also a fantastic teacher! Very glad I had the privilege of taking a class with her!

Shout-out to: Malissa Peery

From: Elexus Franklin

Professor Peery is one of the best math teachers I've ever had. She definitely makes it easier for those who despise it, but for me, she made me love it again. It feels really great to have a professor on this huge campus who truly cares about her students and goes out of the way to make sure we succeed. Shout out to you, Professor Peery! You're absolutely amazing!

Shout-out to: Sylvia Trendafilova

From: Josh Peterson

Dr. Trendafilova is my favorite professor at UT! She is ALWAYS willing to help and loves seeing her students succeed. She never puts herself first and has been extremely helpful throughout my time at UT! Thanks Sylvia!

Shout-out to: Steven Wilhelm

From: Mohammad Moniruzzaman

Dr. Wilhelm is an inspiring researcher and a leading name in the field of Microbial Ecology. The great thing about working with him is that you are always excited about the cutting edge research in the field. Constantly brewing ideas, never gets tired. Hard working and sincere.

It is an incredible experience to look back to the past few years and realize how far I have come just because he was always there with a helping hand and vision. Thank you!

Shout-out to: Kevin Stevens

From: Carissa Wagers

He actually listens and considers our design ideas and encourages us on how to take our ideas to the next level. It feels very laid back and encouraging just talking to him on a one to one level.

Shout-out to: Douja Mamelouk

From: L H

I don't even know where to start from when talking about prof. Mamelouk. She has guided me for years now, and her classes are always something that I look forward to. She is one of the most knowledgeable professors I have met, extremely helpful when students ask for advice, and she always has a smile on her face which brightens up your day. Her classes are not easy, but I have grown as a student precisely because she has high standards for us. I respect all my professors, but there is always one that is closer to your heart. Thank you for everything you have done for me!

Shout-out to: Toya Handelsman

From: Timothy Haskins

Sra. Handelsman es una profesora fantástica! Siempre está alli para sus estudiantes. Ella tiene mucha paciencia y enseña con pasión. Sus estudiantes queremos a ella muchooooo.

Shout-out to: Karen Lloyd

From: Joy Buongiorno

Dr. Lloyd goes above and beyond to make sure her students have access to ground-breaking research opportunities and are prepared for the task at hand.

Shout-out to: Neal Eash

From: Ashley Taft

Dr. Eash was such a fun professor, and he seemed to know everything about his field. So knowledgeable! On top of having interesting lecture periods, we went on many field trips that opened my eyes to the wonders of microorganisms in the soil nutrient cycle. My two favorites were the trip to Wampler's, where we learned about composting pig remains and the trip to the water treatment facility. I will always remember Dr. Eash, and I wish I had had the opportunity to take more of his classes!