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2019 Shout-Outs

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Stan Bowie

Dr. Bowie is an extremely knowledgeable and competent professor that is willing to go the extra mile. Thank you for all that you do!!!

Laurie Knox

Even when it was not part of the class, I asked her to help me with a presentation about elevator pitch. She did it super gently and gave me resources and even a template on how to do a workshop of that topic. Thank you, Laurie!!!

Sybil Schroeder

Welcome to the UT College of Social Work. We are glad to have you here!

Marlys Staudt

Thanks for everything you do to support quality education at the UT College of Social Work.

Terri Combs-Orme

Students of the College of Social Work have always found a strong mentor and friend in Dr. Combs-Orme. Thank you for all you have done here over the years.

Robert Mindrup

Much appreciation for what you do to make a strong BSSW program at UT!

Kate McClernon-Chaffin

Your work to make the UT College of Social Work online MSSW program one of the best in the nation is amazing! Thanks for all you do.

Sherry Cummings

Thanks for all the work you do, both in Nashville and Knoxville, to make the college strong academically!

Jamie Coble

Dr.Coble is ever approachable. She listens patiently and always endeavors to find a way even in seemingly impossible situations. I am grateful to her for all the ways in which she makes UT a great place to be at!

David Keffer

Dr. Keffer is an open-minded and enthusiastic professor in Material science and engineering. I took his two courses during my Ph.D. education and he was always happy to help you to be successful in his courses, and he was always happy to answer any of your questions related to his research field. Nice and knowledgeable professor! I like his molecular dynamics course a lot! I really appreciate your help in my Ph.D education, Dr. Keffer!

Scottie McDaniel

You're great! Thank you for making such a large impact for the School of Landscape Architecture in the short time you've been here!

Stephen McGarity

Dr. McGarity has been a great addition to the faculty. He has been a great help in professional development, building connections and navigating the job market. Thank you Dr. McGarity

Lisa Mullikin

I had this professor my freshman year as well as this year as a junior! She is always making sure we are prepared and pushing ourselves in order to reach our fullest potential in design. I have learned so much from her and am looking forward to the rest of the semester!

Kenneth Baker

He is an awesome professor. He is so care about his student. every time I send email to him to ask something about our homework, class or something. He always replied my email so soon as possible. In addition, every week, he send us quick reminder for this week about HW DUE DATE, EXAM DAY, and WHAT WE GONNA COVER ON THIS WEEK. He is so awesome. I really appreciate what he did for us! Best economic professor ever! Thank you!

Martina Ward

Martina has gone above and beyond in helping me and other students figure out where we want to intern for our concentration year. She was patient, thoughtful and helpful in talking out options and connecting students to further resources to help with their decisions. She was very generous with her time! Thank you Martina!

Edward Bratton

Dr. Bratton was such a creative and supportive professor. He encouraged his students to really make the literature come alive to them. He always had interactive, positive class discussions that made you glad to attend his courses.
He very kindly wrote a recommendation letter for me.

Shandra Forrest-Bank

Dr. Forrest-Bank has been a faculty member that has challenged me in multiple ways to become a better scholar. Thank you for your support and encouragement the last three years.

Jobeth Bradley

Dr. Bradley is a thoroughly amazing woman who cares deeply about each of her students and makes every class engaging, educational, and fun. No matter the background, skill-level, or personality of her student she helps everyone work towards their goals and feel a part of her classes.

Bill Nugent

Dr. Nugent has always been very supportive of me and my cohort. Its been great having him as a professor and now working with him as a TA. Thank you for your commitment to students.

John Orme

Thank you Dr. Orme for all your support. You have made my journey with statistics pleasant and most importantly, easy to understand. I appreciate your willingness to meet, often in a last minute situation.