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Michelle Cosby

Cosby is front row, center.

Cosby (front row center) with other members of an escape room team.

Michelle Cosby is associate director of the law library and an associate professor who teaches legal research in the College of Law.

While earning her bachelor’s degree at Butler University, Cosby changed her major several times, beginning in music education and eventually settling on sociology. She had started thinking of continuing her studies so she could get a better job when a professor suggested law school.

She attended the Maurer School of Law at Indiana University Bloomington, where she realized she was interested in the research side of law. She found the perfect fit by completing her law degree along with a master’s degree in library science.

Before coming to UT in 2016, she served as senior reference and instructional services librarian at the North Carolina Central University School of Law Library and as a reference librarian in the law libraries of the University of Kentucky and the University of Miami.

Outside interests

Cosby enjoys escape rooms. She has completed more than 10 rooms in locations ranging from cruise ships to Chicago to Knoxville and the surrounding area.

“I travel a lot for conferences, so I try to do an escape room for whichever city we are in,” she said.

Cosby’s first escape room was the Tomb in Pigeon Forge. It was a beginner room where employees offered help along the way as needed.

“After that, I went looking for real escape rooms, where your clues are limited and it is possible you don’t make it out,” she said. “My favorite part of doing escape rooms is the challenge of the clock. Sometimes we are only minutes away from solving the room but the time is up.”

Her favorite room had her stopping a serial killer in Chicago: “Our group was working together really well—we were figuring clues out. It only took us two of the three clues.”

When she’s not testing her deduction skills, Cosby enjoys cruising. She’s been on seven cruises to the Caribbean Islands, with her favorite port being Saint Martin. Although she loves tropical weather, Cosby is interested in setting sail to New England—but only in warm months.

If she didn’t do this . . .

Cosby said she might be a pharmacist—“if I was better at chemistry and math,” she said. “I feel like most people go into law because they weren’t any good at those subjects.”

Favorite spot on campus

Cosby loves crossing Cumberland Avenue to the Student Union.

“Especially on a nice sunny day—if I want to do shopping, I can go to the bookstore, and they always have great things. If I want to do people watching, I can get my coffee at Starbucks and just sit outside.”