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Lisa Yamagata-Lynch

With her husband, Matt Pamental, during a family trip to Rock City Park and Ruby Falls.

Yamagata-Lynch with her husband, Matt Pamental, during a family trip to Rock City Park and Ruby Falls.

Lisa Yamagata-Lynch, associate head of the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences, was born and raised in Tokyo.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo. An interest in instructional systems technology brought her to the United States, where she received her master’s degree and doctorate from Indiana University Bloomington.

At UT, Yamagata-Lynch’s work focuses on creating an optimal learning environment for electronic learning. She coordinates the master’s degree program in instructional technology; the doctoral program in learning, design, and technology; and the graduate certificate program in online teaching and learning.

Outside interests

An avid knitter, Yamagata-Lynch enjoys that her hobby is portable. She can be found knitting while watching television, at her kids’ soccer games, or just about anywhere.

During the warmer months, Yamagata-Lynch is often in the garden.

If she didn’t do this . . .

She’d work in a stationery shop as a market researcher.

When she was growing up in Japan, local stationery stores were abundant.

Although online stores and specialty shops are taking over, Yamagata-Lynch still enjoys seeking out stores that sell diverse stationery and art supplies— things like planners, fountain pens, stamps, and decorative washi tape.

“It would be exciting to show what new stationery is on the market and what is likely to sell here.”

Favorite spot on campus

As season ticket holders to the Clarence Brown Theatre, Yamagata-Lynch and her husband, Matt Pamental, frequently attend plays. Her favorite show at the CBT was the 2016 production of Violet—the story of a woman, scarred in a farming accident, on a bus ride to be healed by an evangelical preacher.