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Jeanine Williamson

Williamson and cat

Williamson and cat.

Jeanine Williamson is a professor in the UT Libraries and the subject librarian for the Tickle College of Engineering.

She provides research consultations, instruction in the use of information resources, and collection development for both the Tickle College of Engineering and  the UT Space Institute in Tullahoma.

She is an expert and trainer in using citation management software and serves as UT’s resident EndNote expert. She also can help assess the impact of published research using citation searching algorithms.

Before joining UT in 2001, Williamson worked as the physical sciences librarian at the University of Rhode Island. She holds a bachelor’s degree in ancient Greek language and literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she also earned her PhD in information science. Williamson has a master’s degree in library science from the University of Alabama.

Outside interests

Not surprisingly for a librarian, Williamson enjoys reading. Some of her favorite subjects include art, interior decorating, and psychology. One of her favorite authors is Haruki Murakami.

Aside from books, Williamson loves rock music. Her favorite band? The Police.

She loves the British band’s music—and their country.

Williamson has plans to visit England on her next vacation; it will be her second time traveling to the United Kingdom.

If she didn’t do this . . .

She would work as a personality psychologist.

Williamson is interested in understanding personalities and learning how one can best work with people with different personalities.

She’s intrigued by personality tests like the Myers-Briggs.

“And now I am more interested in tests like Big Five, 16PF Questionnaire, and Big Five/Narrow personality traits.”

Williamson said the Big Five test describes her as being both open to experience and introverted. She concurs with that assessment.

Favorite spot on campus

On a nice day, Williamson enjoys the swing outside Melrose Hall. She describes it as a peaceful retreat in nature.