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Chris Boyer

Boyer with wife, Ashley, and baby William

Boyer with his wife, Ashley, and baby William.

Chris Boyer is an associate professor of agricultural and resource economics in the Herbert College of Agriculture. He’s been at UT for seven years, and his research focuses on how US farmers can use new technologies to increase their profitability.

“The perception is that it’s cows and plows, but there’s a lot of hard science involved in it—biology, chemistry, understanding animal reproduction,” he said.

Why this field?

Boyer grew up in a community where agriculture was the economic staple. He worked on an array of farms over the years, including a hobby farm owned by his father.

During his undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University, he was inspired by an agricultural economics professor to pursue a career in the field.

Boyer earned his bachelor’s degree in agricultural business. He stayed at Texas A&M for his master’s degree and earned his doctorate from Oklahoma State University.

Outside interests

Boyer’s son was born last October. Since then, most of his free time has been devoted to baby William Christopher.

Aside from being a new dad, Boyer enjoys hunting, fishing, barbecuing, and CrossFit. He and his wife, Ashley, are active with Young Life at their church.

Boyer hopes to one day purchase a small farm, similar to his dad’s—“just a place to bring my children and let them experience some of the things I got to experience as a kid,” he said.

If he didn’t do this . . .

Before landing in academia, Boyer thought he’d return to his hometown after college to work in banking, agriculture, or the oil and gas business. Years of hard work—and the good fortune of receiving scholarships that helped him advance through his education—landed him where he is today.

“I would probably be doing some job where I’d be punching the clock for a paycheck,” he said. “I feel very fortunate and blessed to be one of the few people I know who can say they truthfully love their job.”

Favorite spot on campus

The agriculture campus. “It’s kind of its own separate little space. It’s got all the energy and excitement of campus, but it’s a little more off the beaten path and secluded. It’s near the river and UT Gardens . . . and we’ve got parking.”