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Alyssa Kuhns

Kuhns with partner David Kennedy at the Whitney Museum in New York.

Kuhns with her partner, David Kennedy, at the Whitney Museum in New York.

Alyssa Kuhns has been the Interior Architecture Fellow in the College of Architecture and Design since arriving at UT in August 2017.

She teaches interior architecture, and her research focuses on how people interact with domestic spaces and objects.

“It’s about their behaviors and how they impact what we design,” she said.

Why this field?

Whether it’s drawing, painting, or making things, Kuhns loves to spend her free time creating.

It’s an interest that seems to run in her family; her mother started her own drapery business and her grandfather was a carpenter.

Kuhns earned her bachelor’s degree in architecture from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and her master’s degree in industrial design from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Outside interests

Kuhns enjoys working on her own home, and one day she hopes to build or renovate a house.

“My hobbies blur with my work a lot,” she said.

She also loves reading and traveling, especially exploring museums—and their gift shops.

“I like to see what other design work and art is going on out there,” she said.

She’s studied or worked abroad in Italy, China, and most recently Denmark, where she studied furniture design.

If she didn’t do this . . .

When she was younger, Kuhns thought she wanted to work in animation due to her love of drawing.

She also might have pursued something in medicine.

Part of that interest stems from her teenage years. In high school Kuhns was an athletic trainer for her school’s football team.

“Everyone thought I wanted to do physical therapy because of that, but I just thought it was cool,” she said.

She still has an interest in human anatomy as it relates to design.

Favorite spot on campus

The College of Architecture and Design’s Fab Lab in the Old City. It’s the main outlet for students to access tools for woodworking, 3D printing, laser cutting, and other projects.

Kuhns also likes to spend time in Hodges Library—especially the fourth floor, which houses literature about architecture.

“I love books, and I think it’s a great resource for myself and for students,” she said.