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2019 Shout-Outs

Here’s some nice things that real students have said about real professors.

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Harold Benus

Dr. Benus is one of the most caring professors I have ever taken a class with. He is genuinely passionate about social work and has a love for his fellow human beings. Thank you Dr. Benus for being a shining example of how a professor should care for their students.

Amy Broemmel

Dr. Broemmel consistently goes above and beyond for her students. She develops relationships and genuinely cares. Over the course of the semester, she has reached out to check on my well-being not once, but multiple times, and this is one of the numerous examples of how she goes above and beyond. Her compassion is an example to us all. I've learned a tremendous amount from her, and I look forward to continue to learn under her. I hope to show my students the same dedication. Thank you, Dr. Broemmel.

Susan McLennon

Dr. McLennon is an amazing teacher, researcher, and mentor. She is immensely generous with the time and energy that she puts into nursing students. Her commitment to our success as nurses and researchers is evident by the time she takes in investing into our projects, papers, and interests. I am so grateful to have had the privilege of being able to work with and learn from her these past two years.

Stewart Waters

Dr. Waters! Thank you for believing in me and supporting me on this crazy endeavor to earn my Ph.D! I’m lucky to have such an AWESOME role model and mentor...even though I’ll probably never have as sweet of a “suit-game” as you! You rock!

Blanche O'Bannon

Dr. O'Bannon goes above and beyond to help her students understand the material. She is an asset to this department and to the university.

Dr. Mia Romano

I've only known Dr. Romano for a short time but she's already made me feel like a valued student. I really enjoy her classroom environment. She makes the content very enjoyable while being really understanding if we struggle with speaking Spanish. Dr. Romano does everything in her power to help us succeed whether it be through her amazing study guides or by having office hours that work for her students.

Elizabeth MacTavish

Dr. Mac is a kind, smart, and effective mentor. She is exceptionally bright yet humble and is always willing to help those around her understand, grow, and achieve.
I am so glad she is here at UT.

Stacia Martin-West

Professor Martin-West truly cares about learning. She structured her research class to encourage exploration, as well as the space to express confusion. She started the class by setting the standard of speaking with intention, but not speaking to impress. Throughout the entire course, she constantly was responsive to feedback and aware of current events within and outside of school that might be affecting us as students. In my opinion, she truly values us as students leaving her class with knowledge of the subject over us just simply trying to make good grades. I hope myself and others can be in classes with a similar design to hers in the future!

Lauren Moret

Dr. Moret is truly interested in the research ideas and directions of her students. She challenges me and makes me think more deeply about what I am writing. I am so thankful she is here at UT.

Stephanie Pilkay

Dr. Pilkay's class was very engaging. She started each class by checking in on us and seeing how we were all doing and handling our first semester of graduate school. She gave detailed lectures and really strived to ensure that we understood the topic. She acknowledged that for some people this class would be rigorous but ensured us she would be there to help every step of the way. She is by far the best professor and most caring professor I have ever had, in graduate school or undergrad. I hope to continue to take more classes with her. She also works to inspire her students to reach their goals.

Andrea Joseph

Dr. Joseph,

Thank you for providing relevant and engaging material for class discussion. I always appreciate the way you value our feedback as students and adopt to our learning styles. I also enjoy the personal stories you share with us. I’m so thankful you’re a part of our learning experience! Thank you!

Cristina Barosso

Dr. Barosso brings enthusiasm, knowledge, scholarship, and respect for each individual to classroom discussions. Every class activity was meaningful, interesting, and inclusive, which encouraged everyone to participate in discussions. Loved her class!

Dr. Stan L. Bowie

Dr. Bowie is always there to encourage, guide,motivate and teach his students no matter what. Once a Bowie student always a Bowie student. He goes above and beyond for every student who is blessed to sit under his instruction.

Suzy Prentiss

Each class Dr. Prentiss makes each of us feel heard and like we matter. You can tell she really values every word we have to say. She makes the learning environment the best I have ever been in. She validates all our feelings and fears instead of dismissing them, and she gives us feedback on how to help our fears while reassuring us that we will do great things. She's the best instructor I have ever had and I will be SO sad when I am no longer in her class. She's the best 🙂

Laurie Knox

Professor Knox is an awesome English teacher that cares very much about what she is teaching and the students in general. I am happy to of had her as an English teacher. She makes her lectures interactive and not boring which is very important in teaching.

JoAnn Cady

Dr. Cady is a fantastic advisor who really knows her field. I am so happy to be working with her this year.

Blanche O'Bannon

Throughout my Master's program and now my Doctoral program, Dr. O'Bannon is always a guiding force in my educational endeavors. She is also a kind and comforting friend when life gets stressful. I am so happy to be working with her.

Andrea Joseph

Dr. Joseph has been so intentional with our readings and class discussions this semester and I am learning so much. I’m so thankful for a professor that both (really) challenges me and wants to know how the learning is affecting me personally. You’re amazing!

Kim Mallory

Professor Mallory worked TIRELESSLY to get us set up in concentration year field placements. Can’t imagine how much work that is to keep straight but because of her I have 3 interviews with agencies that I’m really excited about. Thank you!!

Monica Pope

Ms. Pope is my academic advisor and I absolutely love her. She is very willing to help me and answers all of my (many) questions. Thank you for all that you do!