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2019 Shout-Outs

Here’s some nice things that real students have said about real professors.

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Lisa Mason

Dr. Mason has been an incredible teacher and PhD program director. I have learned so much from her the last 3 years. She has made a great impact on the PhD program and served as a great leader.

Stacia Martin-West

Dr. Martin-West has been very supportive of my development as a PhD student and scholar. Thanks for all your help!

Dave Dupper

Dean Dupper has been a great interim dean. He cares about students and genuinely wants the best for them. His leadership has been great over the last two years.

Diane Kelly

Diane is an excellent teacher. I appreciate the perspectives she brings to our 510 course, especially when she shares about former instructors. She encourages us to ask questions and has introduced some fun polls about information science, that keep our lectures engaging.

Phillip Edwards

I have so enjoyed learning from Phil, even though the subject matter is difficult for many of us to understand, he is responsive to all of us, and coaches us through the rough patches. The encouraging notes, the Social lounge and the adaptability when we need more time to comprehend is much appreciated.

Mary Held

Dr. Held has been a great mentor for the last several years. She has taught me a lot and has always been willing to help me develop skills in research, writing, and professionally.

David Patterson

Dr. Patterson has been a great mentor throughout my PhD journey. Providing mentorship in both research and teaching.

Mary Held

Dr. Held has been an amazing professor and mentor during my program. She provides thoughtful and consistent feedback to enhance learning and is willing to provide additional support when needed.

Hannah Gunderman

I think that having her in a particularly tough semester was the thing I needed most. She would help her students in any way possible and frequently would answer questions for her students. Thank you for your help.

Martina Ward

I had a number of issues last semester with my field placements falling through and Martina was there for me and went above and beyond to help me through not only by finding me a new placement, but she was there for me on a number of occasions when I just needed somebody to talk to. I was overwhelmed by being back in school, not knowing what I was doing and struggling. If it wasn't for her talking with me and helping me work through everything, I am not sure I would still be enrolled in the program. Martina is not only a wonderful professor, she is a great mentor and a friend. I haven't had anybody else willing to open her office for me to discuss not only school related issues, but just to be there and talk to me.

Steve Milewski

When I wrote him an e-mail at 5 PM on a Wednesday asking for resources that I could use in my class the next morning, he e-mailed back THAT VERY EVENING, with everything I needed! And he was so nice about it! UTK Librarians are the secret ingredient in a lot of good work on this campus! I'm talking to YOU TOO, Allison Sharp, Jeanine Williamson, and Natalie Hristov! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!

Robin McNeil

My IT Manager in the Office of Information Technology, Desktop Support Services is a motivator. As a supervisor she gave me a chance to return to the IT field, after many years as a supervisor, when she gave a chance to work in a different area of support to customers that was not technical. What a great challenge it has been. Interestingly, Ms. McNeil treats all the her staff with courtesy and respect and encourages creative ideas. This is my best job I ever and opportunities are there for anyone who is will to put in some work. She is always willing to encourage, even when life tosses her employees a curve balls. Her example of work effort and ethics demonstrate that UT employees are some of the best and the brightest. Great job Ms. McNeil!

Brian Stevens

Brian always walk into class with a smile on his face and you can clearly see he really enjoys what he's doing. This makes data mining with him so much better, even though its data mining. Brian is an amazing professor and goes beyond just teaching, but also tries to get to know his students. Thanks Brian!!

Alyssa Kuhns

I learned so much in Alyssa's studio! I believe Alyssa is a very observant and honest person so I have great respect for her. She is very caring and it had always radiated in the way that she conversed. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes of the possibility of having her once again in the future. Overall, Alyssa is very inspirational and I hope that I can just encompass even a bit of who she is in my work ethic!

Carmel Tanguay

Carmel Tanguay is easily one of the most passionate teachers I have ever experienced. Her dedication to helping her students not only learn about but embrace the Spanish language and culture deserves recognition. Many are intimidated by a foreign language on the college level, but she makes her class feel like a family working together to succeed. She took all of my questions and confusion gracefully and worked with me to create a process to help me comprehend the material effectively. She cares so much about every student and that compassion will forever stand out to me.

judson laughter

Jud's teaching style helps doctoral students to take ownership of their learning. He encourages us to think about the world we (think we) know in new ways. My outlook on education policy has changed tremendously because he helped me understand systems and influences I previously didn't see.

Stergios Botzakis

Sterg is hilarious, friendly, and understanding. It's always a pleasure to take a class with him.

Amy Broemmel

I am so impressed by Dr. Broemmel's servant leadership. She must have a million things to do, but when she interacts with you, you feel like your well-being is prioritized. She goes out of her way reach out, listen, provide wise counsel, and give much-needed support.
She is also a skilled teacher and scholar, who provides a stellar example to us on both fronts. I am learning so much from her!

Hillary Fouts

Dr. Fouts is a great mentor and professor. I am thankful to have studied under someone so wonderful and accomplished. She is a great role model and I am thankful for her time and efforts to make me into the young professional I am today!

Bill Nugent

In addition to being an awesome resource for research and statistics problems, Dr. Nugent is a kind and supportive faculty member. He never hesitates to help when I ask. He sincerely cares about the well-being and success of doctoral students.