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2019 Shout-Outs

Here’s some nice things that real students have said about real professors.

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Laura Miller

Dr. Miller is one of the sweetest professors you will meet, and her passion for her discipline shines through in every class. You made a 3-hour graduate school class late at night totally bearable 🙂 Thank you for being you!

Michael Fitzgerald

Shout-out to Doc for understanding that students have a variety of responsibilities we have to juggle, and willing to work with us to succeed. It's been great to have a professor not question you when you're running late to class from work or dealing with sick children at home. It means more than you know! Thanks for being awesome!

Eleanor Conover

Give this woman a permanent position in the department! She's exactly the kind of talented, knowledgeable, careful, and empathetic professor that we need more of at UT.

Mark Moon

He makes lectures fun and enjoyable. I never had a problem paying attention. He is super fair to students and real.

Rachel Chen

She is very personable and professional and cares about her students

Margy Wirtz-Henry

Margy is a phenomenal co-worker, advisor, and teacher. Her positive can-do attitude is infectious. She is the ultimate Volunteer.

James Rose

Rose teaches in a constructive way that allows for ideas to be shared among the class and allows for collaboration even on individual projects. It helps us grow our own ideas and produces a better outcome in the end with not only the actual assignments but also in our abilities to be able to explore things we wouldn't have thought about. Rose brings a sense of family into the class with his jokes while also keeping a professional relationship.

Rana Abudayeh

One of the nicest and most considerate people on the planet.

Karl Heckman

Heckman’s eclectic sense of humor never fails to make me laugh

Matthew Rauch

Matt was one of my few interior architecture teachers that pushed for developing a thesis through precedents. I felt like I was inspired by the work I was doing and not just following a guideline of what I was supposed to do. When looking back on my semester with Matt, I am glad I got the opportunity to explore ideas I was interested in and explore multiple possible solutions. Matt taught me more in one semester in studio that has influenced me as a designer than any other professor. I wish there were more professors like Matt to push students into new fields of interest. Proceeding forward, I am sure to keep in mind the design process that I learned and have tried to employ the same techniques.

Jennifer Akerman

This year, Professor Akerman has gone above and beyond with undergraduate students pursuing a self-directed project. She has provided thoughtful and tailored critiques to each student and their individual interests. Working with her has been a highlight of my time in the College of Architecture + Design.

She is truly an inspiration and I credit my interest in research to her guidance, insight, and enthusiasm.

David Matthews

Aside from being incredibly knowledgeable in many different subjects, he is encouraging and challenges me to push my limits in design. So grateful to have him as my professor!

Scottie McDaniel

Thank you for your patience last semester in Design Communications I!

Dorian McCoy

Dr. McCoy challenges, supports, and guides his students to be better than they were before they entered the classroom. I will be a better scholar, writer, and professional after graduating from UTK because of him!

Dorian McCoy

Thanks for keeping it real for CSP!