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Mark Moon

Moon engaging in one of his favorite pastimes—golf.

Mark Moon is an associate professor of marketing and the Lyle and Marcella Flaskerud Faculty Fellow. His research and expertise focus on demand-supply integration and demand management. In 2016, he became the director of the Greg and Lisa Smith Global Leadership Scholars program, the Haslam College of Business’s undergraduate honors program. He also has consulted with numerous companies, including Eastman Chemical, Hershey Foods, Honeywell, DuPont, Union Pacific Railroad, Motorola, Sony, and Walgreens.

Why this field

Moon began his career working in sales at IBM but soon decided that was not his calling. He had always been interested in research and drawn to teaching. He left the company and went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he earned his PhD. After completing his degree, he was offered a position at UT in 1993 and has been here ever since.

Moon especially enjoys working with students. “I love that part of my job more than any other,” he said.

Outside interests

He started golfing at a young age with his father, then let it go until his early 30s. Now he enjoys golfing because it provides exercise while allowing him to travel and experience beautiful places. Golf also gives him a way to spend more time with his son, David, who recently completed his master’s degree in business analytics at UT.

Favorite author

Ernest Hemingway. Moon has a bachelor’s degree in English and an MBA from the University of Michigan, and he’s always done a lot of reading and writing.

“Hemingway is an author I have always been drawn to. He is someone that is easy to admire and look up to.” He said he appreciates Hemingway’s ability to convey strong emotions in simple, direct language.

If he didn’t do this

He’d be a fiction writer.

“After graduating with a degree in English I tried to start writing but discovered that I didn’t really have anything of interest to say,” he joked. Still, he thinks being a writer would be a great way to make a living because it is a career you can pursue from anywhere while expressing yourself in all kinds of interesting ways.

Still on his bucket list

Playing golf in northern Scotland at the famous Royal Dornoch Golf Club. He has plans to go next summer.

Moon during his college days.

Advice to his college-age self

“Take more chances and don’t be too cautious,” Moon said, recalling that there were many things he didn’t get to experience in college because he was afraid of failing or making mistakes.

One last thing

Moon has had more than 13,000 students during his 24 years of teaching at UT. He keeps in touch with many of these students and enjoys hearing about their accomplishments and how he influenced their lives while they were at UT.