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Mariea Hoy

Hoy and her German shepherd rescue, Bunny.

A professor in the School of Advertising and Public Relations, Mariea Hoy has been at UT since 1989. She was recently named the inaugural recipient of the DeForrest Jackson Professorship. She teaches undergraduate advertising research and advertising campaigns classes. She also does advertising and public policy work, primarily related to disclosures.

Why this field

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in journalism and advertising from the University of Central Oklahoma and her master’s and doctorate in business administration with a concentration in marketing from Oklahoma State University, Hoy realized she could combine the analytical and critical thinking aspects of business management with her intuitive understanding of people.

Outside interests

She enjoys reading, heart-healthy cooking, and spending time with her husband, Les, and their German shepherd rescue, Bunny.

Still on her bucket list

Hoy would like to visit England and see historical sites. She would especially love to spot Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, while visiting.

If she didn’t do this

When she retires, she’d like to volunteer at a local hospital to work with those who are waiting on family members in critical care.

Hoy during her high school years.

Advice to her college-age self

“Don’t be afraid to fail.” Hoy started out majoring in medical technology, a pre-medical biology track, her freshman year of college with hopes of one day working in a forensics lab. A month into her first semester, she failed both her biology and calculus exams and was devastated.

She went to career counseling and took an aptitude test. She scored extremely high in written and verbal communication, and she decided to change her major to journalism and public relations. She then pursued an MBA and PhD in business administration and marketing.

Failures are bank shots designed to change your trajectory to your next intended purpose, she said. “If we let them, they can also make us more compassionate with others in similar circumstances. I truly understand how my students feel when they fail one of my exams.”

One more thing

When she was a junior in high school, she was a cadet drill team commander in Air Force Junior ROTC. Her team won second place in the state that year and she was named outstanding drill team commander.