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Make Your Sales Team Successful With These Lead Nurturing Techniques

In order for your sales team to operate at a high level of efficiency they must have solid, qualified leads to work with. Just because someone has given their email address on a form on your website does not mean they are a lead, nor ready to buy what you are selling. Sending these types of leads to your sales team will most likely scare off your prospect and frustrate your sales team.

Instead, you need a lead nurturing process in place to gently guide your prospect along the buying cycle until he or she is ready to buy. Depending on your industry, you may have a long sales cycle so be prepared and have a longer lead nurturing process in place.

Below are four lead nurturing techniques that will let you know exactly when a prospect is ready to buy and that way you can turn them over to your sales team at just the right time. To manage sales team try custom erp applications.

Content Marketing

You need to provide different content to your prospects depending on what stage of the buying cycle they are in. In the beginning, or ‘awareness’ stage, your content should be more informational. You prospect is just learning about the solution to their problem. Provide valuable information at this stage and they will be more receptive to your efforts down the line.

During the ‘consideration’ stage, your prospect is beginning to compare products and companies. This is where you can feature your products or services. Position them as a solution to a problem. At this stage, you can be very specific and make a case for why your company is the best alternative.

The ‘preference’ stage is where you want to turn up the heat a bit and present the prospect with a call to action (CTA). This could be a CTA to speak to a salesperson or a request for a free trial.


Every salesperson’s dream is to find a prospect that is ready to buy on the first meeting. While this does occasionally happen, it is the exception rather than the rule. The lead nurturing process begins with prospect qualification.

Qualification is based on the information you receive from the prospect. If he downloads a free ebook but balks at a second CTA to get a free trial you know to put him in the beginning of the process. However, if he also signs up for a free trial then you will want to have a sales rep contact him once the free trial is over.

Free Trial/Product Demonstration

Offering a free trial or product demonstration is another way to tell if your prospect is on the verge of making a buying decision. Many people will download your free information and never be heard from again. They just wanted the free report. However, when someone requests a free trial he or she could very well be in the decision. Perhaps they are testing out a few different products and yours is one of them. 

Now is the time to nurture him along to the purchase. Provide him with more information that will make his experience with your product more enjoyable. A set of “Tips and Tricks” would be perfect now.

Once the free trial is over it is time for your sales team to make contact and close the sale.

Calls To Action (CTA)

The call to action is one of the most important elements of the lead nurturing process. It is what moves the prospect forward. You must ask him to take the next step because she will not likely do so on his own.

A CTA can be something as simple as asking him to download another free report. After that, you can ask him to watch a video of your product in action. Once he is done ask him to sign up for a free trial.

By implementing an automated detailed lead nurturing process you will not only produce more leads but also they will be of higher quality and your sales conversion rate will increase.